The play ‘Halya’, is a new perspective on the character Ahalya, from the Ramayana.

It is a play about being yourself and being unapologetic about it, accepting your own flaws and embracing it. It is about breaking norms, stereotypes and prejudices that exist in the society that cage you and doesn’t allow you to be yourself.
The play is based on the mythological story of Ahalya (which means pure and unploughed in a sexual connotation) but the play is called ‘Halya’ which means a ploughed land and not a virgin.

Director, Script writer – Talin Subbaraya.
Photographer – Vasudev Prasad.
Music – Anagha Yoganand, Isha Sen, Aambeeka Kashyap, Vineet Katti, Talin Subbaraya.
Crew – Soujanya, Shubhada S and Kasvi Sonkorison.
Actors – Ann Joseph, Leya Mammem, Keerthana S, & S Sowbarnika


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sowbarnika says:

    Thank you so much, Arnel. ❤ Loved it!!! I’m sure the team will love it too! 😘❤


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